Select the Edition that best suits your use case
Free forever - because everyone deserves radically simple data access & content sharing
Get all essential features FREE in each and every bag
Each bag up to 1GB & 6 months; upgradeable to Pro.
Try all essential functionality for any use case
No strings attached. Keep using it for basic business and personal needs.
Full support for sophisticated QR code operations
Including the printing of "virgin" QR codes on standard Avery L7120 label sheets.
Valuable industrial use cases for all Editions can be prototyped in minutes, for free
Includes patent-pending "auto-onboarding" of virgin QR codes and attaching of content using any smartphone.
Bags rightsized for your use case: Small - Medium - Large - Narrow - Flex
Starting at 2 EUR per bag
Upgrade to extend the life or the capacity of your bag
Upgrade a single bag or prepay for more. All popular payment means supported.
No subscriptions or major cost decisions required
Upgrade per bag is a small payment, no subscription. Any stakeholder can extend bag life - not just the owner.
Be more productive as a regular user in a professional context
Extend the scope of your use cases with more storage capacity and more bandwidth.
Packs of bags for industrial use cases in self-service
Starting at 0.5 EUR per bag
Packs of bags pre-customized to your use case - from color & logo to pricing plan
Define a template bag and clone it so you can embed it in your workflow process.
Industrialized use cases in self-service
Deploy industrial-strength solutions at exceptional speed and cost. By yourself.
Manage your use cases - and all their bags
Admin function centralizes customization, payment and analytics of bag packs in self-service.
Customize everything, while retaining all the benefits
When standard solutions are close, but not complete: talk to us, we'll find a way.
Data sources, APIs, UI, integration. All fair game is built on a platform designed for modular integration. We're truly interested in your use case.