What all ZAZA.rocks Editions provide to start with
Go to ZAZA.rocks and get a "paper bag" for your digital content
Think of a simple web page, created on the fly.
Any device with a browser and an internet connection will do
Mobile, tablet, desktop, anything. Zero App. Zero Account. Super simple.
Fill the bag with any type of content - or have it filled
Files of any type can be uploaded, popular types can be easily previewed.
With an upload link - or its QR code - anyone can upload
Collect rich content, just by spreading the link or sticking a QR code on an object or a wall.
Share the bag in any of 4 sharing modes
Select 1 of 4 secure URL links for sharing the bag with different rights: view/download, upload and delete.
Cover a wide range of use cases
Have many different parties work together and view, download, upload or curate the content, not constrained by time or geography.
Embed the secure link in - or on - any medium for sharing
Embed and share the clickable link in email, text, WhatsApp, PDF, web - where you want. Or stick it on a physical asset as a QR code label.
See your existing channels or assets evolve into a rich collaboration platform
Get everyone on the same page. Literally. Create instant many-to-many synergy without changing tools, workflows or personal habits.